FutureTaffy将来 Edit

FutureTaffy, a wiki about the "Pony FutureTaffy"

Future is a female unicorn OC created on July 8th 2014

Facts about FutureEdit

Future got her name when her owner woke up with the unknown name "Future - Taffy" stuck in her head

Future's mane colors are ocean blue and light fire orange her eyes are light/dark purple

the meaning of her colors

Blue: love, peace hope, dreams

Orange: love, sex, pain, beautiful

2016 her mark is a music note with swirly green lines around it.


Taffy Leah With Glasses

A peace of art from a artist of Future

Biological Information

  • Sex/ Gender: Female
  • Species: Pony / Human
  • Age: 15
  • Status : Alive (healthy)
  • Company Owner other: Riot Party
  • Born: on computer July 8th 2014
  • Original Birth Day - June 23rd 2000 ( 6/23/00)


Future's fur is half dark white

FutureTaffy was created on July 8th 2014 by a women named Adrienne Leah





DJ Taffy- 23

Latest activityEdit

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